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How much does Isagenix Cost?

Do you know the true value of the Isagenix Presidents Pak

I often get asked, ‘Isn’t Isagenix really expensive?’. To someone taking a look at an Isagenix Presidents pak for the first time,  the price tag of almost $600 certainly seen high at first glance. But what do you get included in the price tag? They say a picture tells a thousand words so we’ve found 4 of the best to help break it down! When I was deciding 18 months ago if I should continue using Isagenix after the first 30 days and whether it was good value for money, I did a simple exercise. I grabbed a pen and paper and started adding up what I consume in food, drinks, sports drinks, multivitamins that was non Isagenix. By the time I added a coffee and bagel that I had for breakfast I was already up to $16 – compared to President’s Pack cost of $19.78 a day. I didn’t continue counting past Breakfast as this was already showing that it was a no brainier for me, especially after maintenance period after the initial 30 days was half the cost of the President’s pack, meaning I was spending less than before on food and groceries! PS. Did I mention it comes with a FREE Bullet Blender (IsaBlender) and a 30 day money back guarantee?

How much does Isagenix cost vs value of products?

How much does Isagenix cost? Isagenix presidents pak value broken down into per day cost of just over 19 dollars per day.

Nutritional value of Isagenix shakes and multivitamins

Isagenix Isalean shake nutritional valueIsagenix Product b ageless essentials nutritional contentHow much does Isagenix cost?

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Owner of Isacleanse Australia & NZ. Finally tried Isagenix in August 2013 after 18 months of being a skeptic and have not looked back since. After having great product results, I started learning the business side and retired from corporate world after 14 months, now helping others around the world do the same. Drop me a line for more info on how to get started with our team.
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