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Ben Kelly Isagenix Review

Ben Kelly Isagenix review  Perth Western Australia

Ben Kelly, Perth Western Australia

Isagenix Testimonial by Ben Kelly

Before Isagenix I was training hard and eating extremely well without getting the results i deserved. I looked at the science and everything that goes into the Isagenix product range and I knew this would help get the results I wanted.

The fact that it holds a holistic approach to overall health and attends to every factor contributing to poor health meant I would be able to get the best out of my body. It took into account poor sleep, energy levels, adrenal fatigue, cellular ageing, stress and toxicity levels which I simply couldn’t attend to simply by having a healthy eating plan and exercising.

All those things contributed to not gaining the results I wanted and since being on the product not a day goes by I don’t feel great and Im getting the results I deserved.

Emma Mondello Perth - Isagenix Testimonial

emma mondelloEmma Mondello’s Testimonial

Before Isagenix I was tired, unmotivated and constantly sick. I always wanted to be fit and healthy but my poor eating habits prevented me from having the energy to go to the gym and creating a healthy routine. I was also concerned on how I would be able to afford my own home and travel.
I was introduced to Isagenix by a good friend nearly two years ago. As a result I have endless energy, I feel amazing everyday, I can’t remember the last time I was sick! I now go to the gym regularly and am training for competitions! I have also just been on a 5 star all expenses paid trip with the company and feel confident that I will be able to provide myself with a house I love and can afford with out the stress of not being able to set off travelling wherever I choose to!

Kalistah Shaw Isagenix Review

Kalistah Shaw, Isagenix Perth WA Team

Kalistah Shaw, Isagenix Perth WA Team

After many months of procrastination and doing my research on Isagenix, I decided to bite the bullet and try a 30-Day Cleanse.
Believe me when I say this, I was one of those “How can shakes be better than real food” type people… Skeptical was my middle name when it came to the product. In the 10 months prior to me signing up, I had had 6 individual Isagenix Associates talk to me about the product.
What is came down to is… I just didn’t get it. I wasn’t at a place where I understood the benefits that came with giving this program ago. Why would I spend an additional amount on a “shake diet” when I can eat healthy anyway? It just seemed like madness, plus I already was a very healthy eater and was into Raw Foods and my Green Juices etc, so why bother right?
I have always been naturally slim and always very active having played Netball at a high level for a majority of my life. I also was Modeling and had no problems in getting in a bikini on stage, I was very happy with my body.
I stopped playing competitive Netball when I was 23. The next two years saw me abuse my body as I had so much more free time on my hands. I travelled, partied a lot more than I ever had before which meant copious amounts of alcohol and the rubbish foods that comes with it, plus my fitness and exercise regime became none existent.
Fast forward 2 years and I looked in the mirror and was NOT happy with what I saw. I had gained 5/6 kilograms (which may not be much to some, but it was for me) I was not bikini confident and wondered how did I end up here???? (Deep down I think I knew but chose not to believe it). I was lacking energy, wanted to nap all the time and felt so bloated and gross internally.
I decided to do something about it so I started counting calories. I also jumped on the raw food and green smoothie band wagon and starting running 5 km every day. I dropped the weight over the next 2 months…. But was I happy… NO! Was it hard work? YES! Did I like the look of my body? NO! Did I keep the weight off? NO!
Slowly the weight came back on over the next 3 months… (I just couldn’t keep up that diet and exercise regime forever) Even though I still was eating as clean as I could. It dawned upon me one day that something is not right… I feel bloated when I am eating healthy? Seriously! It has to be something that is going into my body… I just so happened to be chatting to a friend who I didn’t know was on Isa and I was shocked when she told me. She explained her story and I was intrigued. I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I was all out of ideas of what to try next so I figured I have nothing to lose (except how awkward I felt to the other 6 associates I blatantly said no to – apologies!)
I started on the 30-Day Cleanse. Lost 3.85kg, built muscle, gained energy and love how easy and tasty the shakes are! I am so impressed with the program and I hope you will be too :)
My only regret is not saying YES sooner and my advice if you are hesitant and think you will just do the 30 day cleanse over the Presidents Pack – President Pak all the way!…. Get your results the Fastest… then change to a cheaper pak ☺
Kalistah x

Brendan De Dalis Testimonial

Brendan De Salis isagenix testimonial photo

Brendan De Salis, Tasmania Australia

I want to share my story as to why I am now an Isagenix user for life. The photo below is my change in body shape over an 8 month period. I have always been an active person but ate whatever I wanted, I thought it was impossible for me to have abs and that you needed some type of genetic gift to sport a “six pack”.
This all changed when I decided to look after my nutrition. I spent a fortune at the supermarket, countless hours in the kitchen and still found myself unprepared at times. But the results came. People began messaging me asking me how I did it… I spent significant time and explained to them my rigorous routine and realised very few people were willing to adapt this extreme lifestyle, and sustaining it for me was going to be very difficult. Then it happened, I was introduced by Tom and Ash to Isagenix.
The results: I now spend minimal time in the kitchen, save significant money at the grocery store and I have a huge range of quality products at my disposal to continue to improve my training results. The added beauty is I can now help ANYONE achieve their health and well being goals in a convenient and achievable way. We are all part of an amazing culture and environment where we can encourage each other to succeed and lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of our lives. 2014 is going to be an incredible year for everyone involved! Keep up the great work everyone and stay motivated, determined and committed while having fun and smiling at the same time.

Aaron Pohatu NZ

Aaron Pohatu - Team member from Sydney NSW

Aaron Pohatu, Sydney NSW

Before Isagenix I had been trying to lose that last 5-7kgs and build more lean muscle for about 2 years. Gym has always been a passion of mine and I would train 10 – 12 hours a week. At one point I was going months at a time without a rest day. I was stressed from work commitments and my body was burnt out. Always starting a new diet and it felt like I was forever dieting and I’m sure a few of you can relate. I was frustrated with the effort I was putting in but the lack of results I was getting. I was lacking energy, and felt so bloated and gross internally.

I came across a before and after photo of a girl who was using this Isagenix system and became curious. I went looking for more information and touch based with a stranger now a friend Sandi. I wasn’t a sceptic at all as I knew there was a 30 day money back guaranteed so I purchased a presidents pack 3 weeks later. I dropped 3.5kg in my first 7days but was having consistently undisturbed sleep which was quite rare to me. I dropped 5kgs in my first 30days and my body fat % dropped to 12% which is the leanest and healthiest I have ever been. I now only gym 5-7hours a week and happy with my progress so far.

2 weeks into my first 30days I went to my first Isagenix event in Perth with over 600 people ready to transform their lives. I witnessed people from all walks of life from labourers, corporate, personal trainers, teachers, the list goes on achieve extraordinary feats. This has helped me believe there is more to life then working for someone else’s dream. I am a passionate
isagenix associate seeing not only my health improve but my family and friends do the same too. If you’re like me and wanting more out of life please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.

Dinko Ahmetanovic Perth WA

Isagenix review - Dinko Ahmetanovic - 13kg weight loss

Dinko Ahmetanovic, Perth WA

I’ve always been an active person. I’m sure there is every trace of it on FB as I’ve been playing football for many years. I have number of injuries in the past which unfortunately resulted me taking a bit of a break from active football and i couldnt play for some time, and what do you do when you dont play? You tend to eat still the same amount of food but no exercise and perhaps i let myself go a bit go by eating unhealthy food, and in no time i put on over 10 KG. I was 96 Kg i was never that unhealthy i felt disgusting i had love handles on the side of my waste, double chin it just didn’t look healthy at all.I have tried numerous salad diets, the no bread diet and no carbs and still i couldnt find the right balance to change the way looked after myself and my body.

I got introduced to Isagenix by a very good friend of mine. He also struggled with sports injuries in fact we used to play in the same state league at one stage. After seeing his excellent results and the way he changed his body as well as the way he felt and looked, I was intrigued and straight wanted in because i had trust in my friend and i knew it wasn’t a scam. I have lost 13 kg since i have been on Isagenix and i am feeling just amazing. My energy levels are bouncing through the roof.I have a very demanding job lots of physical activities so its basically a stressful job, i ran out of energy pretty quick and and i just felt exhausted all the time. My sleep patterns werent no were near they should be, i was averaging about 5 hours sleep per night which was not sufficient enough for me to battle through the tough day especially working in the sun. After doing my first 30 day cleanse my body felt alive again, i could feel that my energy levels were changing to what they used to be, i was stressing less at work and definitely was getting more then 5 hours of sleep per night. I can happily say that ISAGENIX has transformed my way of living and i couldnt not be happier with the results that i have received.

Kate Collins Gold Coast QLD

Kate Collins, Australia testimonial

Kate Collins, Gold Coast Australia

After watching my friends Adam + Yonah experience endless energy, muscle ‘tone’ , and fat loss using an amazing Superfood Nutritional Cleansing system, I decided it was time for me to experience similar results, because I was tired of feeling like i needed a nap after my clients, bloated and not happy physically. I was so excited to get started and to get my body back. I had encouraged some of my friends join me on this journey. We helld each other accountable and got the healthiest we’ve ever been together. Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

Bridget Jones Isagenix Testimonial

Bridget Jones Isagenix testimonial photo

Bridget Jones, Perth WA

The impact Isagenix has had on my life is phenomenal! There is no way that I would ever have dreamed that by saying yes to a nutritional cleansing system could simply change my life!

After baby number 4 I was determined to get back to my pre baby weight, I got back to the gym ASAP and made sure I was eating well balanced and healthy. I lost most of the weight and worked hard at keeping it off. I wanted to drop a few more kg as I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be but nothing seemed to shift and I stayed plateaued for about 18 months. I accepted that this must be the weight I was meant to be and should give up trying to get any smaller.

We had to move to Perth for my husband’s work and with all the changes and the stress that went with the move I began to put the weight back on! I knew I was in need of a detox and searched online for detoxes and cleanses and came across Isagenix. I did my research and 3 weeks later decided to give it a go.

The weight dropped off at a rate that I was more than happy with and I got below that plateau that I had been stuck at! Now being at a size that I haven’t been for over 12 years I am now able to use the same system to help build muscle and increase tone and strength! With this new strength and fitness level I have rediscovering skills I thought I had lost and can push myself harder in my workout then I ever have done before.

The best part of this isn’t just in my own personal weight goals but is in the goals of everyone else that I have been able to help! After my first week I sat down with my husband and said ‘This is amazing! I have to tell everyone about Isagenix’. This was the start of my Isagenix business, it started with recommending to a few friends and family and has now grown into a steady second income stream for our family and has enabled me to stay at home with my children and enjoy every moment of their childhood!

Not a day goes by that I do not give thanks that I gave Isagenix a chance and that I can help others achieve the same!

Branka Tomic Perth WA

Branka's isagenix testimonial photo

Branka Tomic, Perth WA.

I was introduced to Isagenix by my good friend Sandi who had used the products for over a year. After hesitating to try it myself for over 6 months I finally decided to give it a go due to the results that he had. He also showed me how to get my products paid for which got me really excited as I seen this opportunity for what it really could be.

In short term I am looking to continue losing weight and feeling fantastic knowing that I am getting all the nutrition I need whilst living a very busy lifestyle, but what I am really passionate about long term is being able to help my parents retire comfortably. They moved to Australia to ensure that my brother and I have a better life so now it’s my turn to ensure that they enjoy the rest of theirs.

Russell Liddelow Perth Australia

Russell Liddelow Isagenix team member from South Perth

Russell Liddelow, South Perth WA

Dream big. Believe in yourself. Seize the opportunity. Take action. Set your own path!

My story is simple. I was introduced to the company Isagenix through a good friend and work colleague, Sandi Matic. I could not ignore his great results and success unravelling before my eyes, so I decided to join and give it a go. Prior to this, I didn’t really know anything about Network Marketing and all the possibilities lingering at my fingertips.

Isagenix has already had a profound effect on my motiviation, my energy, my health and my enthusiasm for the future. Think of a future free from the shackles of a 9 – 5 and the ability to spend your precious time exactly how you’ve always wanted to. I now love the products. I now love the company. I now love the vision. It’s time to get involved!

If you wake up Monday morning and you’re excited about the day ahead, that’s great. If you are completely fulfilled at work and in life, that’s great. If you are financially free and can travel as long and as often as you like, great. If you have enough time to spend with your friends and family, guess what? Great! If you are as healthy and happy as you could possibly be, great. If you don’t tick all these boxes like I didn’t, then perhaps it’s worth looking into this company. Get excited! Let me show you exactly how this opportunity can change your life!

Julie Beaumont - Perth WA


Julie Beaumont, Photo coming soon.

Congratulations and welcome, you made it. Now I could tell you why I began this amazing program on my journey to health, wealth and happiness, (albeit with a healthy dose of scepticism), but what I really want to know is why ‘you’ are here and how I can assist you to reach your goals. Whether for weight loss, energy and performance, healthy ageing or maybe even financial freedom, you have come to the right place.

What I have learnt in my 52 years is that each and every one of us has their own unique story and they are all equally important, so how do you want the next chapter to read? Take the opportunity to do your research, as I did before you, and have a look at what this Company has to offer you. In terms of my health and wellbeing this has been the single most important decision of my life and has literally saved me in ways I cannot begin to explain and I am sure in ways that I have not even discovered yet. Do not let another day, week, month or year pass you by without giving this your best shot and do something today that your future self will thank you for and please allow me to share the journey with you.

Mike Cejvanovic Perth WA

Isagenix Perth member Mike

Mike Cejvan, Perth Western Australia

About 18 moths ago, a good friend introduced me to Isagenix. Having tried the product for 30 days, the initial results were great.

I have always led a busy and tiring lifestyle consisting of long days and long nights, stress, low energy levels and lack of sleep. At day I was working as a BDM for a lighting company while at night I ran a franchise. I also attempted catching up with friends as much as I could and if lucky, slept more than 6 hours per night. As time went on, I felt more tired and out of energy. I also accumulated vast amounts of toxins in my body through exposure to shampoos, colognes, creams and antibiotics as well as our usual daily surroundings.

Isagenix was able to cleanse my body of toxins while replenishing it with all necessary Vitamins & Minerals, Proteins, Fibres, Active Enzymes and Amino Acids etc. Isagenix brought my body back into balance and to function how it was designed to. I am very energetic now. My sleeping patterns are great and I feel ready to tackle my day at the first sound of the alarm. I do not feel stressed anymore and feel much more relaxed throughout the day and don’t have the usual mid afternoon crashes.
It was only natural to share this great product with friends and family once I experienced the sheer health benefits and it’s potential to transform lives. By doing so, it has been my great pleasure to assist others to achieve their goals.

Isagenix has changed my life and the life of many of my family members, friends, work colleagues etc, and I could not imagine my life without it.

Elaine O'Connell Perth WA

Elaine's profile photo

Elaine O’Connell, Perth WA

I was introduced to Isagenix by my friend Russell Liddlelow who uses the products and decided to give it a go after he told me about his improved health and how to get my products paid for by building a part time business.

It was no easy task for Russell to get me to sign up to the 30 day cleanse.  My perception changed when he showed me a private Facebook group with over 80000 members and their testimonials on how Isagenix changed their lives.  I had been approached to try Isagenix by various people before but thought it wasn’t my thing. I thought it sounded too good to be true and I loved food way too much! I used pretty much every excuse I could think of to stay away from something I had no idea about. But with my 30th birthday fast approaching, I thought, OK what have I got to lose?

I made a pact with myself once I hit the almost 80kg mark at 25 years of age that by the time I was 30, I would have the confidence back that I had in my early 20’s when I loved my body. In my late 20’s I packed don the kg’s and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t shift them! I moved to Australia from Ireland and started a healthier lifestyle from the get go. I joined a triathlon club and before I knew it I was competing t in the Ironman 70.3 and ran a marathon! I went to the gym almost every day and had a personal trainer as well. With all this, I was starting to see massive improvements and starting to feel good about myself again. However, I wanted more. I wanted to
gain some muscle and have my dream body.  I was stuck. I was still eating the same as I always have. I needed to change my perception on what I was putting into my body. My perception finally changed after I went to my first Isagenix seminar! This is when I bit the bullet and signed up to Isagenix.

I started on the 30 day cleanse. The first week was tough. No more pizza, coke, wine every night and chocolate! But when I got on the weighing scales and saw I dropped 2.5kgs in one week I was ecstatic and it made it all worthwhile. I am at the start of my Isagenix journey but have never felt healthier and happier. My colleagues are even commenting on ‘my glow’!  People are noticing a difference and asking me how they can do it too. This is the great thing about being an Isagenix associate. By recommending Isagenix to my friends and colleagues, I can make a steady second income stream and so can you! On that note, only 15% of people who use Isagenix products are associates. 85% of users just love the products!

And some parting words from one of all my all-time favourites, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”- Kate Moss.

Isagenix has changed my life and I want it to change your life too.

Roxanne Wills Perth

Roxanne Wills Isagenix Perth

Roxanne Wills, Perth WA

Before Isagenix I was working 9 -5 and felt trapped in the daily grind. I had given in to the fact that I would probably have to work 40 hours a week for the next 40 years. The idea of that did not excite me. I knew there must be more to life.

In March 2014 I was introduced to Isagenix and jumped at the idea. I used the products and loved them! I have way more energy than I used to and have a passion for working out unlike I did before. I shared this amazing opportunity with friends and family and started getting paid right away. I have seen first hand how many lives Isagenix has changed physically and financially and know what company I will be partnering for life. This will be the solution to free me from working full time and create a life of time and financial freedom to live the life of my dreams and help other do the same.