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Healthy Lifestyle Pak - $201.30

Isagenix healthy maintenance pack - perfect for maintaining your weight and lifestyle

Give your body what it needs for overall health. These products give your body the nutrition and care it needs, while reducing unhealthy cravings.

Product list:

  • IsaLean Shakes – in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawnerry or Dairy Free Chocolate (Pick 2 Canisters or boxes with single serve sachets)
    • Nutritious balanced meal with perfectly balanced quantities of protein, energy-boosting carbohydrates and good fats that promote reduced cravings and healthy weight loss while building strong, lean muscle mass.
    • 24g of Grade 7 un-denatured, organic whey protein from New Zealand that exceeds USDA organic standards.
    • Contain only natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners
    • Low in saturated fat and sodium and cholesterol, and have added enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize the absorption of key nutrients.
    • Soy, Gluten, Wheat and Barley free and suitable for lactose intolerant persons.
  • Ionix Supreme (1 x Liquid bottle or 1 x Powder canister)
    • Over 100 active ingredients.
    • Powerful anti-stress agent.
    • Increased energy and improved sleep.
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties to support your immune system
  • IsaLean Bars (10 bars Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Cream Crisp or Oatmeal Raisin)
    • Great for snacking on the go.
    • Nutritionally balanced.
    • Great taste.
  • 1 Isagenix Fibre Snacks!
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